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  • Shazm !!! Love and respect Ya'll !!!
  • The Dirty Old Wedge film presented the old guard of bodysurfers and kneeboardrrs perspective of the introduction of boogie boarders at wedge.

    The established guys thought many of the boogie boarders did not pay their dues and were not proper watermen or water women (see Nancy Gardner who charged Wedge and later became mayor). And the bodysurfers and kneeboarders thought some body boarders had no businesses being out at Wedge.

    And they really did not like Wedge used for guys were out there just for a photo op and did not respect the culture of the place or locals.

    The body board section starts at 31:30


    ** just read the comments under the video on YouTube and see Joe Gibbs wrote that Tom did not give out boards to get photos of wedge in the magazines And he was out on big days in the 70s.
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Some memories from early 90s of Newport

I lived on the pizza place and Carls Jr next to Lucky's now Pavillions and Chipotle after going to 52nd Street of 40th Street.  There were always people skateboarding in that shopping center.   Gina's pizza had a cool surf video game.   The sandwitch shop in that plaza with Stop and Go and Balboa Liquor made good sandwitches.  The surf shop there was cool. I forget its name PacifIc Coast Surf Shop?     Frog House had some really good photos on the walls of Wedge.  Dr 360 was a regular in…

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