'70's Tom Morey and Company

Tom Morey


Jim Faivre

Co-Owner of Tom Morey & CO. / Knife Expert

Sales Crew

Left to right   - Guy Lewis, Patti Serrano, Clark Cederval, Geri, Sales Asst., John Cash ... not shown Rick Lawrence

First Trade Show

In Picture,

Joey Gibbs, Debbie Colwell, Patti Serrano

OG Production Crew

First Factory - Oak St., Carlsbad, Calif

Some people in photo, Frank Szabad, Tom S Miller, Rob Beckett, Calvin Hazen, Chris Thomson. If you see your picture, let us know.


OG Production & Riders

L to R -  Joey Gibbs, Bobby Szabad &  Rick Lawrence

Morey Doyle Crew

Bear Carpenter front and center, Tim Lynch behind him. See yourself in the photo? Let us know. This is historical!

Tep Paul & Mom, Momi Palmieiri

Tep was the inspiration for the long haired first logo and his mom, aka Pat Paul was the first Hawaii Boogie distributor. Neighbors and friends of Tom & Marchia in Carlsbad

Western Boogie Association

The First Boogie Comp Circuit

Sol Morey


Sol Morey writes the 1st four Years 1971-1974. This time period is under construction while oldest son, Sol, sorts out all the good stuff from that time period.

Craig Libuse

Art Director, Creator of Infamous Logo

 Epic Story of Craig Libuse in Surfer Today 12/14/20

Bobby Szabad

Production Jefe, later BZ Bodyboards


Rick Broderson

OG Production & Shaper

Joey Gibbs

OG Production & Shaper 

AKA - Waimea Gibbs

Debbie Colwell

OG Production & Shaper

Presently Owner, Custom X Bodyboards

AKA - "Queen Of The Knife"

Paul Beach

Production Crew - Later, the Rock Band "The Association"


Melissa Schulman

Production Crew

Mark Becerra

Production Crew

Boogie Wagon

Boogie Delivery Truck

Marchia Morey

First Rider of a Boogie with son, Sol in utero

Louise Houlihan Gallan

Office Manager
I learned and grew so much from my work with Tom Morey and Company:
I think one of the most lasting take-always was that taking a chance on young people, giving them responsibilities, asking them to to see themselves and others as “becoming” their true selves, not looking at limitations. This helped me learn about people and look for their skills.
When we were in the first plant behind the girls and boys club, we had a sign over the door that said “inventions”, this attracted so many amazing and interesting people who dropped in to share ideas. This led me to always want to be on the cutting edge in companies I would work for throughout the rest of my life.
I also loved that the main tools were a sharp knife and heat. This led me to look for the basics and simplest way to accomplish a task.
I also loved that when the surf is up, you took a break and went surfing. This taught me to look for the joy and not be so overly concerned in the task that you forget what life is about.


Lynne Seymour

Administration Maven

Mary Marzbanian

Admin & Promotion Asst.


Patti Serrano, Johnny Cash

Patti Serrano

Sales and Sport Promotion

Later, BIM & BIA

Great Story of her BB Life

Clark Cederval

East Coast Sales

Martin Danner

Inventor of Morey Utra Glider

Mike Doyle

Champion Surfer and

Morey Doyle Soft Surfboards Creator