Global Boogie Board Group

A bunch of us from all over the world wanted to give back to Tom for changing our lives
and getting us in to the ocean to ride waves.
We formed a group called the GLOBAL BOOGIE BOARD GROUP (GBBG).
We are making the year, 2021 a celebration called
Let's Boogie! 50 Anniversary
We are the people of the sport. We are not pro's or manufacturers, just enthusiasts that have loved the ocean because the Boogie Board inspired us.
We all volunteer so all the proceeds go to Tom.
One of the first things we wanted was to honor Tom at a celebration
called the Golden Jubilee on July 10 & 11th..
Whereas, there will be other Jubilees worldwide, Tom will be at the one in Oceanside.
Thank you for joining us.
This is going to be a worldwide celebration and we are all stoked to be a part of it!
Contact us at: 
Meet the GBBG Directors:
Sol Morey, Hawaii
Patti Serrano, California
Washington Teixeira, Hawaii
Steve Jackson, New Jersey
Manny Vargas, California
GBBG Organizers:
Marcello Pedro, Brazil
Juan Roman, Puerto Rico
Tyron Perez, Puerto Rico
Joey Gibbs, California
Matthew Kitchen, California
Kevin  Opie Broadly, Oregon